What to Write in a Birthday Card

There are those birthday cards which we open, look at for twenty seconds and then put to one side and then there are those cards which we read two or three times and which cause us to think of the person who sent it with warmth and affection. If all you do with a birthday card is scribble happy birthday and sign your name, then your cards will most likely fall into the put to one side category. What to write in a birthday card can be a real head scratcher, but if you’re going to the trouble of sending a card, rather than an ecard or a text, then it’s worth spending a little time choosing your words with care. Receiving a birthday card in which someone has taken the trouble to pen a few thoughtful words is a special experience and one which is so much more personal than an electronic communication.

What to write in your daughter or son’s birthday card

It doesn’t matter how old they are, your son or daughter is still the same person who you once held as baby and all those years and all those memories lie behind the words which you put on that card. It’s a chance to reaffirm your love for them but also a chance for you to make them feel good about themselves, to talk about achievements, their qualities, their potential.  It is not the place to nag, blame or criticise. Make it a card they’ll want to keep. If your son or daughter is now a parent, it’s a chance to remind them that everything they feel for their child, you feel for them.

What to write in your husband or wife’s birthday card

When it comes to writing a birthday card for your partner you need to decide whether this card is going to be for public display. Is it going to be opened in company? Are other people going to read it? If the answer is yes, then you need to consider the level of intimacy with which your partner will be comfortable with having other people see. Telling your partner how much you love them, how happy they make you, extolling their virtues is probably not going to embarrass them but anything more intimate is best given privately.

What to write in a brother or sister’s card

Relationships between siblings are always going to have their ups and downs but whatever disagreements there may have been the shared experience of growing up together as part of the same family should never be forgotten and a birthday is the perfect opportunity to re-establish your relationship. You may well have grown apart as you’ve got older, but a birthday card is not for points scoring. Be warm, be generous however different you may feel you have now become.

What to write in a cousin’s birthday card

You may not feel that close to your cousins, but they are the children of your parents’ siblings and the chances are that you played together when you were young. Acknowledge that shared past and wish them well. You can’t have too much family and an affectionate birthday card might well reignite a relationship which you will enjoy.

What to write in a friend’s birthday card

Friendship is an indeterminate relationship. We do not, or least we should not, rank order our friends. There is no formal agreement about the relationship. Our friendships may be long standing or newly formed, but they cannot be quantified; all we can say is that they are precious. A birthday greeting is an excellent opportunity to tell someone how important their friendship is to you and how highly you value their personal qualities. Don’t embarrass them by over exaggerating your emotions but be direct and honest and use it as an opportunity to celebrate your friendship.

What to write in a boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday card

Whatever the stage of your relationship this is a card that should make the recipient happy. Tell them what it is about them which you so like and what you have learnt from them. Tell them about things that you would like to do together in the future.  Anything steamier than that is probably best kept to a private communication.

What to write to a co-worker in a birthday card

Your co-worker may be someone whose company you enjoy, or they may be someone who you struggle to work with on a day to day basis. Whatever your relationship, giving them a birthday card is a civil and appropriate thing to do. If the relationship is distant don’t feel that you have to say things that you don’t mean, simply wish them well.

What to write to a teacher in a birthday card

If you are sending a birthday card to a teacher, it should be because you want to acknowledge the quality of the service that they provide to yourself or your child. It should not be overly personal or familiar, but you should use the card as an opportunity to acknowledge your gratitude. A good teacher deserves to know that you recognise that they are doing a good job.

What to write in a birthday card to your boss.

There is no obligation to give a birthday card to your boss. You may feel a certain amount of peer pressure but if you are giving your boss a card it is presumably because you like them and are happy working for them. By all means congratulate them on what you see as their professional qualities but don’t write over enthusiastically or put anything that might sound sycophantic, remember your co-workers could well sneak a peek at what you’ve written.

What to write in a birthday card to an employee

Acknowledging an employee’s birthday is a gesture which allows the recipient to feel that they are more than just some faceless drone. It’s an opportunity to show that you have noticed their qualities and their hard work. It should not be overly personal, and it should not be patronising, so keep it simple and direct.